About Enaboishu High School

Some of Enaboishu High School Staff   in 2005
Some of Enaboishu High School Staff in 2005

The Enaboishu High School has teachers and other workers. The  teachers of this school  are qualified and experienced team. The school has  good and well trained supportive staff.

School Profile:

The School Motto

Education for the Nation


The School Vision

  • The school vision is centered on client needs or requirements; Provision of efficient services so as to achieve good performance

  • We are, therefore; focusing on getting rid of division zero in all National Examinations Form 2, Form 4 & Form 6; and improve the grade D to A, B and C

           The School Mission Statements 

  • Provide our learners with enough support and guidance towards attaining quality education. To coordinate and regulate all the school resources so as to attain the set goals
  • With god everything is possible

The School Name: 

Enaboishu High School. But, it is also known as Enaboishu Secondary School.  

Nature of the School: 

EHS is a Private Secondary School. This is a Co-education school. That is, both girls and boys have equal opportunities to study at EHS.  Moreover, the school has day and boarding students.  


The school was registered in 1966. Registration Number is S.81  


The owner is the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania(ELCT) of  North Central Diocese in Arusha, Tanzania.                          


EHS offers education for Ordinary and Advanced Levels. This means that the school has O-Level and A-Level classes (Form ONE to Form SIX)

School's Philosophy:

Enaboishu believes that quality education is the right to every child in the world for the sustainable development of individuals and the country concerned.

Enaboishu High School Staff Quarters
Enaboishu High School Staff Quarters

These are some of staff houses which are within the school campus.

The Headmaster: Welcomes students to Join Enaboishu
The Headmaster: Welcomes students to Join Enaboishu


Location of Enaboishu High School:


Hometown: Arusha.  

Current City: Arusha.  

Ward: Moivo.

Division: Enaboishu

District: Arumeru.

Country: Tanzania, East Africa.

How can a person reach to School?

You may come on foot or by taxi, motor cycle(Boda boda or Toyo), by mini-bus/Hiace, or private transport. The distance from Arusha-Moshi Road is about 2Km.

There several ways/roads for you to reach to our School. But , trace us from Arusha -Moshi Road at the junction towards AICC/Mount Meru Hospital from Sanawari ya Chini. Follow the Sanawari Road north from the traffic lights towards Sanawari ya Juu at the place known as Sokoni, then; turn right and follow the Moivo Road. When you reach at the Mahakama ya Enaboishu, go direct to Enaboishu High School using the right hand side road following the Enaboishu Secondary School direction on the east. Remember, our school is just close and opposite the Mahakama ya Enaboishu  if you are coming from Sokoni


Follow me on Google map below. I will take you direct to Enaboishu High School >>>> Here is Enaboishu High School! You can call us for assistance.



I like to surf here to My EHS's location and other places

The brief history of Enaboishu High School

The term "Enaboishu" means "togetherness" according to the Maasi language. The school is now bringing together students from almost every corner of Tanzania. This school was first established by the founders. The founders were the parents of Arumeru district council. Later on the school was growing and expanded. The school introduced Form One to Form Four. Today, there are Form I to Form VI and computer classes.



We enjoy providing of better education and doing  a lot of things that support the students to be interested in learning: High discipline, Sports and Games, Study tours,  Religious services,  Talents and performance awards, and allowing students  learning new things (through TV,  Newspapers, radio, etc).   But don't forget our school is giving what students like to do to make them scores high in their examinations and improve the school performance. 


Favorite quotes:
"Listen to many, speak to a few."
- William Shakespeare -  


 "Till I come, give attendance to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine."

-1 Timothy 4:13-King James Version (KJV)


"But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you."

- John 14:26-King James Version (KJV)


 "Take fast hold of instruction; let her not go: keep her; for she is thy life."

-Proverbs 4:13-King James Version (KJV)

Part of A-Level  and O-level Classes
Part of A-Level and O-level Classes